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How to Properly Use E-Collars for Coon Hunting


There is a mass amount of controversy surrounding the use of e-collars on dogs. It’s important to understand that if an e-collar is used in the right way it can be very beneficial for the dog and the entire hunting experience. Properly trained dogs are more likely to obey commands and listen to the hunter. This will make the hunting experience more enjoyable and fruitful.

First, hunters must take the time to properly train their coon dogs to a regular collar and lead before attempting to use an e-collar on them during coon hunting. There should never be a time when the hunter places the e-collar on the coon dog without the coon dog having proper training. The dog must be trained to the collar before you ever use the collar during a hunt.

When training the dog, the hunter can use any method of training they are most comfortable with and familiar with. The task is to get the dog used to a regular collar and lead following basic obedience commands. When you begin using the e-collars, let the dog wear the collar around for a week or so to get used to the feel of it around their neck. Once this has been accomplished, begin using the e-collar but begin on the lowest frequency setting while using basic commands. This establishes a solid communication between the hunter and the dog.

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