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Excellent tips and products to use when training your coonhound


Every coon hunter can agree that the secret to successful hunting trips is owed to the successful training of their coonhounds. It is vital to have exceptionally trained hunting dogs if you wish to have superior hunting trips. There are several things to consider when training your coonhound. We put together a few tips and products we recommend to use when training your coonhound:

  • Basic Obedience
  • The first step in proper training for your coonhound is the successful use of basic obedience. Your dog must first learn simple commands such as sit and stay before they can move on to more advanced training.
  • Excellent E Collars
  • E collars, or electric collars like our Dogtra collars, are a great way to help train your dog when used correctly. The e collars can help your dog understand good vs. bad behavior in a non-harmful way. It's essential to fully understand how to use the e collar training system before using, so we recommend you speak with any of our staff before purchasing to ensure you will be using it effectively.
  • Use of containment systems
  • Containment systems, much like e collars, are used to help dogs understand proper behavior. Where e collars help them understand good vs. bad behavior, containment systems help them understand where their perimeter lies to ensure they are always in a safe zone. As always, we recommend you know how to use the system before purchase properly. Our PetSafe containment systems are sure to be an excellent fit for any hunter.

    To view a full list of our products, please visit our website at The Buzzard's Roost is proud to offer excellent products to our clients. We carry a wide variety of coon hunting supplies such as our Dogtra collars, coon hunting lights, Garmin 320, Garmin Alpha, Garmin Astro, Garmin TT15, PetSafe electric fences, PetSafe in-ground fences, PetSafe training systems, field trial supplies, and other GPS Garmin accessories.



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