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Hunting Lights for the Nighttime Enthusiast


No one ever said that you have to stop coon hunting when the sun goes down. The Buzzard’s Roost carries a wide variety of hunting lights designed to give you maximum visibility in the field. Here are a few of the most popular models:

21V Standard Light Package − Our 21v Standard Package is made with NMH 4.5 amp batteries giving you a bright long lasting light. With a 5100 Adcon head you will reach 1 to 1 1/2 hours of burn time on high and 8 to 10 hours of burn time on low. The package includes a Bump or Soft Cap, 5100 Head, 2 extra bulbs, belt, 2- Pop Covers and Smart Charger. This light comes with our 4 year warranty with 2 years full and 2 years prorated. If you don’t use a walking light, the 21v 5-Star Belt Light might be just right for you.

Crystal Lights – We carry several different Crystal models. The Crystal Coyote is designed with the predator hunter in mind. It shoots an amazing red beam with up to 15 hours of burn time, four settings (low, medium, high and super high) and is fully rechargeable. The Crystal PRO now comes with a super bright white walking light to complement the amazing bright spot and red and green. All this is enclosed in the head, making Crystal one of the brightest, lightest lights on the market today. It comes complete with chargers and a 1 year warranty......

Gold Pro – Several types of Gold Pro lights range from the Gold Pro 21v Standard Belt Light G2 Package to the Gold Pro 21 Budget Package.

More Options – Other varieties of hunting lights available from The Buzzard’s Nest include KLight, Pro Lite and Sunspot, among others. If you have questions, please call 252-795-5000.

Historical Roots of Coon Hunting

The history of coon hunting in our time can be traced to Native Americans, who hunted them for food and pelts. The practice was adopted by European settlers, who introduced coon hunting dogs to the equation in Colonial times. George Washington was credited with owning some of the best coon hounds. Early [...]

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Doggone It! Which Coon Hunting Hounds are the Best?

You can’t go coon hunting without a dog, of course. Several breeds have proven themselves to be favorites of coon hunters through the years. Here’s a look at a few of them.Redbone Coon Hound – considered by many to be the best coon hunting dog, the redbone has a smooth red coat on [...]

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Three essential items you need during every hunt

When it comes to a successful coon hunt, it's all in the equipment you use. Every seasoned hunter knows what to bring along for a hunt, but for the novice hunter, they may need a little help understanding exactly what to take along. We've put together a list of 4 items you need during every [...]

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Excellent tips and products to use when training your coonhound

Every coon hunter can agree that the secret to successful hunting trips is owed to the successful training of their coonhounds. It is vital to have exceptionally trained hunting dogs if you wish to have superior hunting trips. There are several things to consider when training your coonhound. We put together a few tips and [...]

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Essential facts you need to know about coon hunting GPS systems

Not all GPS systems are made the same, especially when it comes to GPS systems used during coon hunting. As a coon hunter, it is crucial to know the ins and outs of your GPS to get the full benefits, have a successful hunt, and ensure your dogs are tracked effectively.One of the most notable [...]

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3 Ways to Improve Your Hunts

Every coon hunter dreams of bringing in an impressive amount of raccoons each time they hunt. The only way a hunter can expect to have successful, fruitful hunts is by improving their hunting skills. Here are three ways you can improve your hunts: Picking the Right Coonhound – It’s important to select the right type of [...]

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Top Coon Hunting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Whether you’re a first-time coon hunting or an experienced pro, it’s essential to avoid the top coon hunting mistakes. Here is a look at the top mistakes and how you can avoid them on your next hunt.Not Investing in Proper Coon Hunting LightsOne of the most important things a coon hunter needs is proper coon [...]

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How to Properly Use E-Collars for Coon Hunting

There is a mass amount of controversy surrounding the use of e-collars on dogs. It’s important to understand that if an e-collar is used in the right way it can be very beneficial for the dog and the entire hunting experience. Properly trained dogs are more likely to obey commands and listen to the hunter. [...]

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Why Your Coonhounds Should be Trained

Debates frequently spark in the coon hunting world as to whether or not coonhounds should be adequately trained before they are taken on a hunt. While there are coon hunters who believe the dogs can instinctively hunt on their own, most every seasoned coon hunter believes in making sure their coonhounds are adequately trained. Here [...]

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