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Top 2 containment systems for coon hunting


Finding the perfect containment system is a necessity for all coon hunters. We believe in carrying a wide variety of systems for our customers to ensure you have everything you need to keep your dogs are safe and contained.

Here is a look at two of our top containment systems we offer our coon hunters to help contain their dogs and keep them safe.

Garmin Delta Inbounds System

Our Delta Inbounds System is a wireless containment system that comes with activity tracking, a training system that comes with a portable base and a rechargeable collar device. It provides a containment radius that covers up to 2 acres. This model allows you to contain up to two dogs. This collar comes with comfortable plastic contacts which are perfect for all coat types and lengths. It comes equipped with Bark Limiter and works with Garmin Canine app on your smartphone for easy access.

PetSafe In-Ground Stubborn Dog Fence

Another excellent containment system from PetSafe is our In-Ground Stubborn Dog Fence. This is a system that is great for dogs 8lbs and up. This model sets firm boundaries to help correctly train your dogs. It lets them know their perimeter to help teach them to stay within the fence. This keeps them safe by ensuring they don’t leave the barrier. It comes with a waterproof collar, four adjustable levels of static correction, tone-only mode alters, and covers up to 1/3 acres.

To view a full list of our products, please visit our website at www.thebuzzzardsroost.com. We pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of coon hunting supplies that are sure to be perfect for your hunting needs. In addition to our containment systems, we also carry other coon hunting supplies like dogtra collars, coon hunting lights, Garmin 320, Garmin Alpha, Garmin Astro, Garmin TT15, PetSafe electric fences, PetSafe in-ground fences, PetSafe training systems, field trial supplies, and other GPS Garmin accessories. 

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